Ethiopia - Sidamo

Coffee legend tells of the discovery of the first coffee trees in Ethiopia. Indeed, it is not hard to believe that coffee originated in a land where wild coffee tree forests are still the primary source of harvested coffee.  Generally wet processed, coffee from Ethiopia comes from one of three main growing regions -- Sidamo, Harer or Kaffa -- and often bears one of those names. In the cup, an Ethiopian coffee tends to offer a remarkable and bold statement.  It is full flavored, a bit down-to-earth and full bodied.
Roast - Dark
Cupping - a vibrant fruity and floral cup with a rich creamy body and hints of chocolate at the finish

Uganda - Bugisu

While Arabica was introduced at the beginning of the 1900's, Robusta coffee is indigenous to the country, and has been a part of Ugandan life for centuries. The variety of wild Robusta coffee still growing today in Uganda's rain forests are thought to be some of the rarest examples of naturally occurring coffee trees anywhere in the world. The coffee trees are inter-cropped with traditional food crops and grown in the shade of banana trees and other shade trees. In these self-sustaining conditions, coffee is left to grow naturally, flowering on average twice a year.
Roast - Medium
Cupping - rich earthy complex cup with soft floral notes, a hint of spice and a lingering finish

Tanzania - Tanzania AA

The Tanzania coffee character belongs to the Central/East African family of washed (wet-processed) coffees - bright (acidic), and almost aggressively flavorful. Kenya may still produce superior coffee, but Tanzania has pushed ahead and shows many of the same positive qualities of Kenya. Coffee is grown in the North and South and there is good quality potential from both areas.
Pea-berries are often sorted out and sold at premiums, but the cup is sometimes tainted and not worth the price. It has become a novelty coffee, and sells well in the US, so many roasters capitulate. Yes, it is a coffee with great potential but shipments arriving in the US do not always express that truly excellent Tanzanian cup
Roast - Medium Dark
Cupping - a bold citric and deep complex earthy flavour with a lasting finish