Different roasts, coffees with different caffeine contents, or single-origin coffees from different countries can be blended. One of the more common practices is to blend dark and light roasts to maximize the complexity of roast taste. Another reason to blend is to cut caffeine content. If you drink only decaffeinated coffee, you may get bored, since specialty shops carry a limited number of caffeine-free coffees. An excellent compromise is to blend a caffeine-free coffee with your favorite single-origin coffees, thus cutting your caffeine intake while fulfilling your sense of coffee adventure.
Shed Blend - Blended to be enjoyed every day all day. a Full creamy bodied cup filled with chocolate & nuts and just a hint of deep smokiness. Deliciously mellow and mild.
Roast - Medium
Cupping - a deep creamy cup with a full body and lots of chocolates and nuts